Hugo Méndez

Hugo Méndez is a postdoctoral fellow in Ancient Mediterranean Religions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He specializes in the New Testament and its reception within late antique Christian communities, with special attention to the Johannine Literature, Luke, and Acts. From 2014–2016, he was a lecturer at Yale Divinity School, and fellow in Sacred Music, Worship, and the Related Arts within Yale University’s interdisciplinary Institute of Sacred Music. His published contributions include articles in the Journal of Biblical Literature, New Testament Studies, and the Journal of Ecclesiastical History.

Class Materials and Updates


Recent Publications

"Semitic Poetic Techniques in the Magnificat: Luke 1:46–47, 55"

Refereed Journal Article
Journal of Biblical Literature 135 (2016): 557–574.
Publication year: 2016

"'Day' and 'Night' in John 9.4-5: A Reassessment"

Refereed Journal Article
New Testament Studies 61 (2015): 468–481.
Publication year: 2015